Heyaaa there...thxs for ya visit ..have fun and enjoy


hmmm..what should i say....its simple me...

knowing me means loving me


kidding...well...kk...the first anwser to the most importand question ...yes..im a female in a female ava..lol

Yes,im voice verifiyed....and yes im over 18

for thoose of ya,how ask again and again.....i do no cam or voice sooo fast as you wish,that is ..something..personal and is a result from a nice stalker


let move further......i tho i start a nice homepage...lets see if it works and how it works

i want to upadte it with all the news i got and with all the fun i found


Wish ya all a nice day,have fun and enjoy


Sweet Draconia

A few pics.....make s over the time im traveled around in sl

Some are new..some are old...

Funny and freaky to see how ya change yourself in style over the years 


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